Spawning Surveys

for Coho, Chum & Fall Chinook

Hardy & Hamilton Creeks

Chum Report - Count of live chum in Hardy and Hamilton Creek (USFWS)

Ives and Pierce Islands and Mainstem Columbia Spawning Surveys

Spawning Ground Surveys for Chinook, Coho, Chum - includes map of
survey area (ODFW & WDFW)

Ives Island / Columbia Mainstem

Washington Lower Columbia River Tributary Stream Surveys

WA tribs from the Washougal River to Dog Creek, excluding Hardy Creek and the Hamilton Springs spawning channel (WDFW) - October to December


Ives Island Live Chum counts

Comparison of live chum and Bonneville tailwater

Hanford Reach aerial fall Chinook salmon redd estimates (PNNW)

Data Courtesy of ODFW, USFWS, WDFW & PNNW (Pacific NW National Lab)

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