Spawning Redd Maps:

Overview of Spawning Areas

Redd Maps by Year

YearIves IslandMultnomahI-205
 Ives Island is located at river mile 143, 3 miles downstream from Bonneville Dam. This location is by Skamania Island, river mile 136 about 10 miles downstream from Bonneville Dam and 7 miles downstream from the Ives/Pierce Island complex.This location is near the I-205 bridge (Glen-Jackson Bridge) River Mile 113.
2013Ives IslandMultnomahI-205, Woods Landing and Rivershore
2012Ives IslandMultnomahI-205
2011 - Ives Island Overview map
- Ives Island (chum redds)
- Google map of chum redds and Bonneville tailwater elevation at Ives, Multnomah and I-205
- Multnomah (chum redds) - I-205, Marine Park, Rivershore, and Wood's Landing maps
- Google map of chum redds and Bonneville tailwater elevation at Ives, Multnomah and I-205
2010Ives IslandMultnomahI-205
2009Ives (chum redds)Multnomah (chum redds)
2008Ives (chum redds)Multnomah (chum redds)
2003Ives - maps by survey date availableMultnomah - maps by survey date availableI-205 - maps by survey date available
2002Ivesno datano data
2001Ivesno datano data
2000Ivesno datano data
1999Ivesno datano data
1998Ivesno datano data

* NOTE: The Chinook redd maps include all visible redds, both new and old. The GIS files for the 2004 Chinook spawning season represents the approximate area used through 11-16-2004. In the past field crews mapped each redd but time and budget restrictions have reduced the effort for Fall Chinook, to mapping the perimeter of redds only. The Chum redd maps only show new redds and individual GIS points are taken for each redd.

Other Maps

Redd Maps from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Below John Day Dam

Data Courtesy of USFWS and ODFW

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