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Incidental catch data has only been recorded since 1997, Bonneville PH 1 only has data for 1999.
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Fall back Salmon Codes
J0 Minijack Chinook (6 - 12 inches)* A6 Adult Hatchery Coho
J1 Jack Chinook (12 - 22 inches) A7 Adult Hatchery Steelhead
J2 Wild Minijack Chinook A8 Adult Hatchery Sockeye
J3 Hatchery Minijack Chinook A9 Adult Wild Chinook
J4 Wild Jack Chinook AA Adult Wild Coho
J5 Hatchery Jack Chinook AB Adult Wild Steelhead
A1 Adult Chinook AC Adult Wild Sockeye
A2 Adult Coho AD Adult Kelts
A3 Adult Steelhead AE Adult Hatchery Kelts
A4 Adult Sockeye* AF Adult Wild Kelts
A5 Adult Hatchery Chinook      
* Chinook mini-jacks (150 - 300mm) that are obvious precocious males are included here.
Miscellaneous Incidental Codes
PI Juvenile Pink Salmon SP Siberian Prawn
BS Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass***** SJ Juvenile Shad
BM Large Mouth Bass***** SA Adult Shad
BL Bluegill and Pumpkinseed SK Stickleback, 3 spine
BH Bullhead SG Sturgeon, White
CP Carp SU Sucker species
CC Channel Cat BU Bridgelip Sucker
CM Chiselmouth LU Largescale Sucker
CR Crappie species MU Mountain Sucker
LD Long Nose Dace TT Tench
SD Speckled Dace BT Brook Trout (code used through 2010)
KO Kokanee** NT Brown Trout
LA Adult Lamprey (code used through 2010) LT Bull Trout
LJ Juvenile Lamprey (code used through 2008) JT Juvenile Bull Trout
LB Juvenile Lamprey Brown (code used through 2010) AT Adult Bull Trout (code used through 2008)
LS Juvenile Lamprey Silver (code used through 2010) CT Cutthroat Troat
LP Lamprey Adult (Pacific) starting in 2011 LK Lamprey Adult (Brook) starting in 2011
LR Lamprey Adult (River) starting in 2011  
PM Peamouth RT Rainbow Trout ***
PE Perch, Yellow WE Walleye
RS Redside Shiner MW Mountain Whitefish
SR Sand Roller LW Lake Whitefish
SC Sculpin species MA Tadpole Madtom****
SN Sturgeon, Green WA Warmouth****
BK Banded Killifish UM Chum
SQ Northern Pike Minnow OT Other species not listed
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* Chinook mini-jacks (150 - 300mm) that are obvious precocious males are included here.
** Any sockeye smolt over 200 mm are considered Kokanee
*** Less streamlined shape and non-silvery color are used to exclude these smolt from the steelhead smolt count
**** Just added these codes for 2001, except for LGS which uses this code for all years.
*****BM code added in April 2002 - some sites will begin separating Large and Small mouth Bass in 2002.

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