To open a report, click on a radio button. (NOTE: Click a radio button even if it looks selected.) These reports are updated by 10:00am daily, and then periodically throughout the day. As the batches span two calendar days the enddate is used for the sample date. River flow in the SMP data is calculated for the exact sampling hours. For more information about the data used in these reports click here for the FPC Smolt Metadata.

Two week Passage Index
Two week Catch Report
Two week Sampling Comments
Two week Transportation Summary Report
Cumulative Transportation Summary Report
Last Two Weeks Hatchery Report
Next Two Weeks Hatchery Report
Two Week Gas Bubble Trauma Report
Two Week Population Index Report
Two Week Descaling Report by Species
Weekly Fish Condition Report by Site
Weekly SMP Mortality Report by Site
Weekly Descaling Report by Site
Daily Average Flow and Spill
Daily Total Dissolved Gas Saturation Percentage Report

Note: As transportation usually occurs every other day, but sampling occurs daily, it is the case on non-transport days that the number collected plus the project mortalities is greater than the number transported or bypassed. This discrepancy will not normally occur on transport days.

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