Ives Island Complex /
Mouth of Hamilton Creek
Sensor Data

  • The Ives Island, Hamilton Creek and Walla Walla gauges are not functioning at this time. Historical data is available.

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  • All the data available on this web page can be downloaded directly to your spreadsheet by clicking here for Hamilton Creek Sensor Data from 6/18/04 to present.
  • Read help file for downloading csv files


    • Hamilton data is downloaded 5 min after the hours on even hours and the
      database is updated 15 minutes after the hour on the even hours.
    • These data are collected from BPA Project No. 1999-003 sensors, operated by PNNL,  under contract to the USFWS.  The sensors are located in the spawning channel near the mouth of Hamilton Creek on the backside of Ives Island.
    • Vertical datum used to calculate mean sea level for all sensors is NGVD29.
    • There are two types of sensors used at this location, river sensor and bed sensors. They are identified by color in both the graphs and the tables.
    • River sensors are housed in screens open to the river column and include the following sensors; riv01, riv02, and riv03.
    • Bed sensors are in screens approximately 50cm below the river bed and include the following sensors: bed01, bed02, and bed03.
    • Occasionally, these gauges will experience technical difficulties which may result in missing data.  Please be assured this is generally the problem if records are missing and the FPC is aware of the problem and will update the files as soon as the stations are operational. Don't hesitate to contact FPC data staff if you have any questions or concerns.
    • The raw measurements are recorded every hour, and these data are available in the downloadable table data.

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