Flow and Spill Query for Snake and Columbia River Sites

Important Notes:

  • Data for current month are not finalized and may change.
  • Finalized data for previous month are received on the 7th of the current month.
  • Click here for a brief metadata listing of the fields included in this query.
Flow, Spill, and Elevation Data

Step 1. Choose one of the following Projects: See map of sites

Step 2. Enter desired date range in mm/dd/yyyy format: to
Start date for hourly and daily flows varies by site - see below.

Other Notes:
  • When selecting hourly data it is suggested that you don't choose more than one year's worth of data as the number of records returned may lock up your browser.
  • These data match what the USACE CROHMS system provided FPC at the time. While this is finalized flow data provided by the Army Corps of Engineers, it is not without errors. We usually receive data on the 7th of each month at which time our database is updated through the end of the previous month. Provisional data for the last two weeks is available at: https://www.fpc.org/CurrentDaily/flowspill.pdf.

Step 3. Select Hourly Flow or Daily Average Hourly Flow
(midnight to midnight):

Step 4. Submit Form or Reset

Data Available

Site Hourly Flow Daily Flow
Start Date Start Date
Bonneville Dam (BON) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Brownlee Dam (BRN)   1974-11-01
Chief Joseph Dam (CHJ) 2001-01-01 2001-01-01
Dworshak Dam (DWR) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Grand Coulee Dam (GCL) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Hells Canyon Dam (HCD)   1974-11-01
Hungry Horse Reservoir (HGH) 2002-01-01 2002-01-01
Ice Harbor Dam (IHR) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
John Dam Dam (JDA) 1974-01-01 1968-04-22
Lower Granite Dam (LGR) 1975-04-01 1975-04-01
Little Goose Dam (LGS) 1974-01-01 1970-03-01
Libby Reservoir/Dam 1998-12-31 1998-12-31
Lower Monumental Dam (LMN) 1974-01-01 1969-04-01
McNary Dam (MCN) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Priest Rapids Dam (PRD) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Rock Island Dam (RIS) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Rocky Reach Dam (RRH) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
The Dalles Dam (TDA) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Wanapum Dam (WAN) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Wells Dam (WEL) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01

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