Ives Island

RealTime Ives Island Data (Gauge data is updated hourly)

  • The Ives Island, Hamilton Creek and Walla Walla gauges are not functioning at this time. Historical data is available.
  • Graph of Ives Island, Bonneville Dam Flows and Tailwater.
  • Real-time water temperature and water elevation data for the Ives Island area.

    Gauge 1 is found at: Lat 4537'36.24", Long 12159'09.13", near the upriver terminus of the channel on the north side of Ives Island.  The elevation of this gauge is 13.27 ft.  (Lat. and Long. Datum is NAD 83, error +/- 22 ft for both gauge locations.  The vertical datum used to calculate mean sea level for both gauges is NAVD88).

  • NOTES:
    • The Ives Island gauge and data are currently unavailable due to hardware issues.
    • The ives gauge is missing data from 09/05/05 through 10/5/05 (the gauge was dry during this period), the gauge functions were restored at 11:00 AM on 10/06/05.
    • Ives Gauge #1 is missing data from 5/25/01 to 6/26/01, from 09/10/01 to 10/10/01, and from 11/29/01 to 01/23/02.

RealTime Hamilton Creek [Ives Island Complex] Data
(Gauge data is updated on even hours)

Geographic Data

  • Ives Island is located in Hydrologic Unit Code (4th level or cataloguing unit): 17080001, Lower Columbia-Sandy
  • Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Province: Lower Columbia, Subbasin: Columbia Lower


This study was conducted in March 2000. The slides comprise the preliminary findings of USFWS personnel on the Ives Island study area (See slide 1). The study is a joint U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife study of the effects of flow on chinook spawning below Bonneville Dam.

  • Ives Study Slides in html.
  • Ives Study Slides presented in html/powerpoint (may not work in all browsers).

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