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The downstream fish passage measures of the Northwest Power Planning Council (NPPC) Fish and Wildlife Program, include measures for flow and spill to provide mitigation for impacts to mainstem Columbia and Snake river migration conditions due to hydrosystem development and operation. The hydrosystem is also known as the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS).

The NOAA Fisheries (formerly NMFS) Biological Opinion (BiOp) on the operation of the Federal Columbia River Power System also incorporates flow, spill and other measures to improve fish migration conditions for anadromous fish listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Both the NOAA Fisheries BiOp and the NPPC Fish and Wildlife Program establish regional processes for fish passage management. The NPPC Program established a Fish Passage Center (FPC) and a Fish Passage Center manager to interact with the hydrosystem operators and regulators in managing fish passage.

The FPC provides technical services to the fish agencies and tribes impacted by the operation of the FCRPS. Recommendations regarding anadromous fish passage and migration are developed by the Salmon Managers. The Salmon Managers are comprised of representatives from state and federal fishery agencies and treaty tribes of the Columbia River Basin. The FPC participates in the in-season management processes established by both of these mitigation and protection programs. The Salmon Manager's recommendations are based upon FPC analysis and summary of current and historical fish passage data.

The FPC plans and implements the annual Smolt Monitoring Program (SMP) and the Gas Bubble Trauma study (GBT), which provides daily information for in-season management decisions. The FPC also provides the agencies and tribes with reservoir operation information and analysis, including current and historical data. The FPC also coordinates the implementation of the joint agencies and tribes comparative survival study (CSS).

During the in-river migration season, FPC summarizes current conditions and publishes a Weekly Report. FPC also provides web distribution of System Operation Requests (SORS) made by the Salmon Managers. SORS are requests to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to operate the federal hydrosystem to protect or enhance in-river fish passage and survival conditions.

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