SMP Lamprey Condition Data Graph
1. Choose one of the following Smolt Monitoring Project sites:
2. Select Start Date in mm/dd/yyyy format. The table below lists the dams and years that have fish condition data available to currently query.
3. Choose one of the following anadromous salmonid species: 
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  • Lamprey species codes include: ap - pacific lamprey ammocoete; mp - pacific lamprey macropthalmia; lamp or all - all lamprey juveniles
  • Click here for fish condition metadata.
  • Click here for the Daily Detailed Fish Condition Injury Data Query.
  • Click here for smolt monitoring program metadata.
  • Click here to download a draft copy of the FPC SMP Condition Sampling Protocol
  • Click here to download a copy of the SMP Remote Site Data Entry Program Manual (this is the document includes documentation for the touch screen program used to collect the fish condition data)
Lamprey Condition Sampling Sites



Years with Data Available in Lamprey Condition Query


BO2  Bonneville Dam 2012 to present
Beginning 3/1/2012 through present
Columbia River
JDA  John Day Dam 2011 to present
Beginning 4/1/2011 through present
Columbia River
MCN  McNary Dam 2012 to present
Beginning 4/9/2012 through present
Columbia River

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