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If you want to suggest a link or you are having trouble finding the fish passage data you are looking for, don't hesitate to call (503)230-4099 or email the Fish Passage Center FPC can provide data to researchers via data requests.

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    Columbia Basin Organizations and Information

    Conservation Organizations

    Environmental Resources

    Fisheries Resources and Organizations

    Tribal Agencies

    Academic Sites




    Geospatial Data Clearinghouses

    Mathematical Biological Survival Models

    • CRiSP (Columbia River Salmon Passage Models)
    • Program MARK - provides parameter estimates from marked animals when they are re-encountered at a later time. 
    • SURPH (SURvival under Proportional Hazards) - an analytical tool for estimating survival using release-recapture data as a function of environmental and experimental effects.

    National Biological MetaData

    River Data

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