Map and Download
Hatchery Release Data

The FPC Hatchery Release Data Mapping Application maps hatcheries and their associated release sites within the Columbia River Basin. This database includes hatcheries that release salmonids in tributaries that drain into the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Brief Instructions:

  • Step 1 - Select a species to download hatchery release data:

  • From within the mapping application:

    A. Select how to search for and map hatcheries and/or release sites and download release data, using the Search for drop-down box.
    B. Select a name from a list in the second drop-down box and choose Search. OR Type the 1st letter of a site you are looking for and select the site name.

    C. Hatcheries are mapped with purple stars. Release sites are mapped with orange circles.Yellow dots are sites (hatcheries and/or release sites) that have been selected by the user.
    D. Download the data by clicking on a .pdf, .xls or .csv radio button at the BOTTOM of the data table.

  • Step 2 - Click the button to open the FPC Hatchery Release Data Mapping Application
    for the selected species.

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