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  • Steelhead includes the subset Wild Steelhead.
  • There are no wild steelhead counts at Priest Rapids or Willamette Fall Dam.
  • Willamette Falls counts for: Chinook, Steelhead, and Coho only.
  • Shad counts not available for Rock Island, Rocky Reach, Wells and Willamette Falls Dam.
  • There were no adult ladder counts conducted at Little Goose Dam between 1982 and 1990.
  • Data from 1997 to present was obtained from the Army Corp of Engineer's report 91; from 1977 to 1996's most are from CRITFC (some are from USACE) and from 1976 and earlier from Army Corp of Engineer's Annual Fish Passage Reports and ODFW/WDFW's Status Report.
  • Bonneville Data from 1977-present starts on March 15th. Beginning in 2001, the USACE started to report Bonneville video counts for the period of 1/1 - 3/14. These counts appear on-line in their monthly summary report, but not in their running sums report which is what we used to import data. To maintain consistency from year to year, FPC keeps these adult data in ancillary databases which can be found here 2000, 2001, 2002. Starting in 2002 this data was added to the all counts database and this data can be viewed in one of the all counts reports available from the Query Adult Database link.
  • For Willamette Falls, data from 1999 to 1946 are from ODFW/WDFW Status Report
  • See metadata for definitions of Chinook Race abbreviations.
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